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Modernizing Your Fundraising Campaigns From Acquisition to Retention

Do you have the right plan in place to make your next fundraising campaign a success? What would a successful fundraising campaign truly look like for your organization now, and for the next year?

In this recorded broadcast, join Instil as we talk with Diana Chaplin, Marketing Director for our newest partner, Pledge, and former Marketing Director for One Tree Planted. Diana and Gabby Weiss, Instil's Product Marketing Manager, discuss how nonprofit organizations can not only craft a successful fundraising campaign, but also use that campaign to jumpstart a virtuous cycle of donor engagement.

Original Broadcast Date: Wednesday, August 24, 2022
Duration: 45 minutes

This webinar will include loads of tips on crafting a fundraising campaign that gets results today and also kickstarts a simple yet effective donor retention program while your organization is still fresh on donor's minds. 

instil plus pledge

Instil's nonprofit experts & our community:

Gabby Weiss

Product Marketing Manager


Diana Chaplin

Marketing Director




A Full-Stack Fundraising Plan For Your Next Campaign

We'll share loads of practical tips you don't want to miss for not only launching a successful campaign in the first place, but also making the most of those new connections over time.