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Donor Cultivation & Stewardship Plan Template

Building and nurturing strong donor relationships is the fastest way to ensure long-term donor retention and stable revenue for your organization. This template provides the building blocks for creating your donor relationships strategy, and helpful examples for your team to build on. 

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Here’s all the good stuff you'll find in this template:

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Audience Segmentation

Cultivation and stewardship will look different for different types of supporters - discover how to match the right tactics to your audience.

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Example Tactics

Looking for relationship-building inspiration? This template comes pre-filled out with example tactics your team can use or build on.

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Schedule & Timeline

Ensure that your outreach always happens at the right time, whether you're acknowledging gifts, reporting impact, or just remembering a birthday.

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Tracking & Reporting

Build your framework for monitoring progress, holding your team accountable, and sharing success with stakeholders.


Foster Relationships, Maximize Impact

Building relationships comes naturally on a small scale, but staying in touch with tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people - and keeping your whole team on the same page - is much easier with a solid plan in place.

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